Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Remote BlackBerry & Cellular Unlocking | Gyos Vancouver

Remote BlackBerry, Android & Cellular Unlocking | Gyos Vancouver

Do you want to unlock your Blackberry?

I can remotely unlock your Blackberry for cheaper than any unlocking store!

My services are remote meaning you simply place an order through my website and I will email your unlock code along with instructions as soon as it is generated! I offer very fast turn around times and super low prices!

To remotely unlock your Blackberry please refer to: http://www.vancouveriphoneunlock.com/BlackBerry_Unlock.php

I can also unlock many other cellular phones through my website, Please refer to: http://www.vancouveriphoneunlock.com/RemoteUnlocking.php to unlock your cellular.

I also offer the absolute best jailbreak & unlocking services for Apple devices!!

Call me @ 604-771-0404 for more information!

Why should you use my services?

I) Many other people who unlock cell phones charge ridiculous prices and do not offer the same fast,efficient services as I do.The people who charge the most to unlock cell phones are unlock stores, Many unlock stores sell replica cell phones and accessories and offer very bad customer service...I am amazed at how some unlock stores are successful despite the fact that they are primarily out to scam the majority of their customers.If you do some research on a lot of these unlock stores you will find that a lot of people have very bad experiences with these stores(Refusing to return a customers cell phone,Providing invalid codes,Swapping a customers phone with a defective model,Selling cheap accessories that do not work and are a fire hazard and just providing poor services in general.)

II) There is also a lot of websites that are out to scam innocent people...You send them your payment and they either send you an invalid code or they just take your money and you never hear from them again! There is a lot of things to be weary of when you contact a site about unlocking your cell phone and for good cause...Many unlocking sites will ask you to send your cell phone away to them in order for the unlock and it will mysteriously get ''lost'' in the mail or they will operate their website for a month, scam a good amount of people and then abandon that website and move on to a new site...

III) I provide free technical support for all of my customers! If you have any problems unlocking your cell phone just send me an email and I will help you out.A lot of other unlockers *CLAIM* they provide technical support but when you have a question about your handset they are nowhere to be found! My services are the definition of going above and beyond to make sure my customers are happy!!

IV) I do not just unlock cell phones,I also provide the absolute best jailbreak & unlocking services for apple devices available! Unfortunately these services are only available to people in the Vancouver area as I need to physically install software on your iDevice. I will show you exactly how to use your device's new jailbroken features and I can install software that allows you to download anything from the apple store for free!! I have unlocked so many different kinds of cell phones that I have honestly lost count..I have been unlocking phones for years so I know that my services are top notch and all of my customers will be satisfied.

V) Unlocking your cell phone allows you to use it with any carrier,Therefore it increases the resale value and makes your hand set much easier to sell!

VI) Last but not least, I provide the best, most courteous, knowledgeable, experienced, quality service for all of my customers!!Check out my website and see for yourself..

Again, if you are interested in unlocking your cell phone instantly please visit my site : http://www.vancouveriphoneunlock.com/BlackBerry_Unlock.php and place an order..

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! 

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