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Professional Unlocking for any iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS + Much More!

Have you accidentally updated your iPhone 3GS to Firmware version 5.0?

I can downgrade your iPhone and re unlock your device!! I have already downgraded MANY 3GS iPhones and got them unlocked again!

Feel free to call me @ 604-771-0404 for more information or to book an appointment today!


1.Jailbreak And Unlock iPhone 2G//3G//3GS//4-$20
2.Jailbreak iPod Touch-$20
3.Remove password-$10
4.Install Tom Tom GPS-$10
5.Install//Customize up to ten applications & tweaks-$10
6.Bricked devices repair//Itunes Error-$10
7.Flash for 3GS & iPhone 4-$10
8.iPhone tethering-$10
9.Use 3G over wifi only apps-$10 (Works with applications like skype and facetime)
10.Micro Sim cutting-$5
11.Micro Sim Adapter-$10
12.Accessories & Chargers-$10

1.Jailbreak your iPad-$20
2.Tether your iPhone to your iPad-$10 *Free if you purchase iPhone Tethering*
3.Flash for iPad-$10
4.Install//Customize up to ten applications & tweaks
5.Micro Sim Cutting-$5
6.Micro Sim Adapter-$10


Phone Number= 604-771-0404

Why Jailbreak??

Add themes to your iTouch/iPhone to customize the appearance of it
Add an app that allows you to toggle your WIFI/3G/EDGE/PHONE/LOCATION, ETC. settings straight from the app you're running so you don't have to exit the app and do it from the Settings Menu
Add a special Camera app that comes with MANY more features than the stock camera
Add a video recording application so you can record video using the iPhone's camera
Increase your call history to 3000 entries
Add an app that allows you to run other apps in the background
Play NES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo DS games on your iphone
Watch television and movies on your iphone
You tube video recorder
Advertisement blocker for safari
Performance and Volume Boosters
Thousands of mp3 ringtones
Mp4 ringtones
Animated Wallpapers

For $10 (in addition to jailbreaking/unlocking fees) I will put up to 10 apps on your phone.

Reasons to jailbreak/unlock your iPhone:
-Use your iPhone with ANY GSM carrier worldwide instantly
-Avoid expensive roaming charges when you use your phone in foreign countries
-Allow your phone to install third-party applications that are not in the Apple iTunes Store (this is a VERY IMPORTANT AND NEAT FEATURE!! You will have access to an entirely different free app store that non-jailbroken iPhones don't have access to!)
-Download anything from the apple store for free!!
-Customize the appearance of your iPhone with themes
-Don't lose any phone functionality (NO dropped calls, NO loss of WIFI or 3G)
-Keep your ability to sync your iPhone with iTunes
-Basically all of the cool stuff Apple does not want you to do with your device you can do after you jailbreak your iphone or ipod touch
-The list goes on and on..... 

Call me @ 604-771-0404 to book an appointment!!

i) Many of the people providing the jailbreaking service are amateur highschool kids who barely know what they're doing and you will run the risk of ruining your device if you take it to them. I have served over 600 satisfied customers in the Vancouver area since the iPhone/iPod Touches were released and I take pride in the quality service that I have provided and continue to provide. I am very experienced in the area of jailbreaking/unlocking/customizing iPhones, iPod Touches and iPad's and my customer base speaks for itself as MOST of my customers come from other happy customers who refer their family and friends to me

ii) I perform ALL my services on the spot at my apartment while you wait. If you go to a cell phone store or other jailbreaker's/unlockers they will ask you to leave your iphone/ipod touch there overnight. First of all, why go without your iphone/ipod touch for a day when I can do the same thing for you in 15-30mins (depending on what you need done)?? Second of all, cell phone stores will charge you up to $100 to do the same thing I do!! Third, who knows what the cell phone stores will do to your phone if you leave it with them overnight. Why risk it?

iii) I provide FREE technical support to all my customers. If you have ANY problems with your device I am always an email//text away to provide you with assistance. And this is no joke!! A lot of other jailbreakers/unlockers *CLAIM* they offer technical support, but I've had many customers tell me that when they actually needed the help, the guy who did their iPhone/iTouch was nowhere to be found or didn't return their calls//texts or emails. My service is the definition of going above and beyond.

iv) In addition to jailbreaking/unlocking, I also add apps and customizations to your device (see rest of ad below). Many other jailbreakers/unlockers do
ONLY that: they jailbreak and unlock. They don't show you how to use the jailbreak and what you can do with it. They don't take the time to show you how to work your device to it's full potential. They don't add apps and customizations. I take the time to explain how it all works and exactly what you can do with your device once it's jailbroken. There are other jailbreakers who DO customize and add apps to your device, BUT they charge you extra for EACH and EVERY additional app. So if you want a video recording app, a GPS app and a few games, they will charge you extra for EACH of those (adding up quickly to $40, $50 or $60, in addition to unlocking/jailbreaking fees). With me you only pay an extra flat price of $10 (in addition to jailbreaking/unlocking fees). So it doesn't matter if you want me to install 1 app or up to 10 apps, the cost is only $10 flat with me!!

v) I provide the best, most courteous, knowledgeable, experienced, quality service for apple devices in the Vancouver area(don't take my word for it - COME SEE FOR YOURSELF!).

Jailbreaking and unlocking does NOT void your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad's warranty because the process is ENTIRELY reversible. If you ever need to use the warranty, you can completely get rid of the jailbreak and unlock and Apple will never know it was jailbroken!!

UPDATE: Unlocking your iPhone 3G//3GS on version 4.1 or higher will now temporarily void your warranty!! In order to unlock on version 4.1 or above, I must update your iPhone's baseband to an unofficial iPad baseband!! If your iPhone is older than a year old then you do not have a warranty to worry about..If you unlock on version 4.0.2 or lower then you can disregard this update...

Any questions feel free to call/text or send me an email @

Mobile:604 771 0404



Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

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